• 2014 NCRA Legal Video Conference

    NCRA’s Legal Video Conference is the largest conference dedicated specifically to the legal video profession. CLVS candidates who are looking to take the first step toward certification, the CLVS Seminar takes place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  • theJCR.com

    The latest information on the court reporting and captioning professions is now available in a modern format on the Web at TheJCR.com.

  • NCRA Certifications

    NCRA Certifications

    NCRA certifications have set the standard for excellence since 1935. That year, NCRA's first certification program was established to individually recognize the competence of court reporters. In the first year 27 reporters passed the first exam, est

  • Captioning Matters

    Captioning matters to individuals throughout the country whether it allows someone equal access to news broadcasts, sporting events, civic or religious services, educational classes, and much more.

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